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23 November 2018
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23 February 2019
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We love blog: when the parenting blogosphere becomes brands’ best ally.

But who are these influential parents on the web and how brands from the child / family sector can create a real relationship with them?

Decryption of a social phenomenon.

Parents often look for information on forums and blogs to answer their small everyday worries. In the era of «consumer omnipotence» with unlimited access to information on the Internet, it has never been more important to integrate “digital influencers” in one’s communication strategy to families.
If the success of the “fashionistas” and other beauty bloggers is already made, a strong need for information urged the trend for parenting blogs, which place kids on the front of the stage 2.0.
Thus, there are some 5000 new parenting influencers on the Internet each year worldwide.

Parenting Blogs: know their universe to find the best partners!

Ranking well on search engines, credible and influential among their parents communities (between 500 and 2000 visitors a day on their blogs), bloggers have definitely everything to delight all brands! It’s their turn, now, to interest these influencers by renewing their approach and messages which still miss targeting and personalization (according to the study on bloggers and brands carried by Tribway in June 2014).

In light of this, Com’ des Enfants created – through its customer operations – a qualified parenting blogosphere database. In other words, a network operable on demand to be probed as a real panel.

The interest is to go beyond mass solicitation to create a relationship with the bloggers most likely to be sensitive to brands messages, according to their fields. Thus, we can approach them for food, beauty, luxury, health, preventive actions, e-commerce… Here is our real strength! This allows us to target primarily according to their favorite themes, their children’s profile (age, gender) and number of visitors. The goal is to be coherent with the brand, its aims and expectations.

Furthermore, by managing brands social accounts on Facebook or Instagram, we also meet new bloggers on the rise.

Today, over 300 blogs are following Com’ des Enfants on Twitter and following numerous requests from them to be part of our network, we have created for them a dedicated email address to facilitate the first contact: weloveblog@comdesenfants.fr.

As a specialist in children & families, we became the spokesman of different brands and the sole contact for bloggers. They listen to us more easily, because they are aware that we avoid them to multiply contacts and brands solicitations, and that simplifies the process.

So, do you love blogs too?

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