With 50% of our clients having business units across the world and 10% of them based abroad, it seemed natural to us to envisage an international deployment by:

  • the adaptation of our know-how while respecting the expectations and the specificities of each target country,
  • the strategic support for international clients who wish to set up in France and communicate with the specific market of French families.

Danone Research, Club Méditerranée and Laboratoires Iprad have already exploited our know-how, contents, creations, stories and characters beyond France. Developing a strong strategic vision with an international influence will allow the company to see further, to adapt in the best way, and optimally, to the new cultural and marketing stakes.
Within the agency, all our employees speak fluent English, and some also master other foreign languages ​​to form a nice multilingual team!

Com’ des Enfants, member of We Are Family

Our agency is one of the founding members of We Are Family (International Kids Marketing Agencies), a new international group representing the marketing and communication agencies, specialized in child-family targeting.

With the support of member agencies, We Are Family enables strategic thinking at the international level, thriving on the experiences and trends of each market and country. Through We Are Family, we support you in the deployment of global actions, on the French, Spanish and Latin American markets and soon on other European and international markets.

Driven by a high will of ethic in communication, We Are Family also wants to work with national and international organizations to promote children’s rights as consumers.

Think Global, act local

If you want to…

  • internationalize your communication and to develop strategic plans in various markets simultaneously.
  • design and offer products / services at the international level.
  • share the knowledge and experience of member agencies on child-family segments.
  • talk to us about a project
  • participate in our upcoming seminars and conferences