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18 February 2022
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If we refer to its English origin “metaverse” is a contraction of “meta” and “universe”. It is simply a fictional universe in which a user evolves through an avatar or other non-real characters, such as holograms. The specificity of this virtual world is the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

In this parallel universe, it is possible to chat, play with friends, participate in group sports classes and concerts all over the world. You can also work from home, while moving around your company’s offices thanks to your hologram. With one click, millions of users can connect to multiple worlds.

A universe that video game creators had already invested a few years ago, notably with the famous video game The Sims released in 2000! A draft of the metaverse that fascinated many players.

This universe has been developed and refined over the years to become the metaverse. It has proven itself to be a great success with teenagers, as shown by the success of Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox or Animal Crossing… Every day, millions of players are on these platforms.  A boon for these creators who develop ever more immersive experiences for players.


The health crisis we have been going through these last two years has had a non-negligible impact on the development of the metaverse. By blocking all possibilities of physical presence, it is the virtual that has taken over by developing new ways of communication. Physical events have become digital: digital fairs and exhibitions, meetings, catching up with friends, etc.

This period, full of changes, continues to push brands to propose more involving experiences to capture new prospects or to strengthen the links with their customers. Betting on the metaverse for future marketing campaigns seems to be a great opportunity, especially with generation Z: a target that is not always easy to access, disloyal to brands and with a strong attraction for gaming.

Our client Winky has taken up this challenge by developing its Winkyverse, a virtual world where gamers, developers and children can create their own educational video games. The goal is simple: to accompany children in their schooling in a more playful way.


Several major brands have reviewed their strategic copies by investing in the metaverse. Indeed, they can now offer ultra-immersive and customizable experiences. A good way to assert their identity and inventiveness while allowing Generation Z to express themselves.

“Brands can push the boundaries of creativity in the metaverse and offer experiences that are unfeasible in real life” Christina Wooton, VP of Brand Partnerships, Roblox.

It is by making the player dream through their avatar in this virtual world that the connection with the brand is made. There are many ways to do this: product placements at events, creating unique accessories, setting up virtual shopping malls and trying on products through virtual reality.

For brands, new strategies are now possible: looking at the metaverse seems to be an axis of opportunity. And these opportunities should not be ignored in the face of digital evolutions and trends.

However, it is interesting to be accompanied to determine the stakes and the behaviors of avatars in order to set up a strategy thought to create meaning and link with consumers. Many brands can find their place in the metaverse, it remains to define the best way to do it.

Technology has become an undeniable marketing asset for brands to immerse consumers in their own universe. A recipe that makes more sense with generation Z, as proven by the success of gaming platforms. These platforms have taken the gamble of investing in the metaverse in order to offer new experiences that are increasingly focused on the consumer and their expectations.

In other words, if many questions remain in our minds, the metaverse offers an infinite number of possibilities and suggests that everything remains to be invented!

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