Kids and digital : a beneficial duo!

Experiential marketing and families
16 May 2019
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Digital natives by definition, kids practice on average nearly 12 virtual activities per month (1). While children’s use of new technologies is questioning, digital is nevertheless a means of development for the youngest and a valuable vector for brands.

Digital means gather and raise awareness

Children, too young to understand the world around them? No ! It is at the age of 6 that children begin to interpret what is right or wrong (2) and this enables them to feel concerned by social issues. Once these issues are addressed by the brand, comes the question of the attention of the youngest, and digital means can create captivating experiences (3). School harassment, ecology, animal welfare: there are many interesting topics! Through an iconic character known to parents and their children (Scooby Doo), more than 6,600 children are committed to taking care of their pets in the summer. This web operation for Boomerang TV in partnership with the SPA (a French organization helping stray animals), orchestrated by the agency, has had a certain impact in the press with more than 50 media and blogs publications.

Virtual games and environments, allied for child development

The market for video games and virtual environments has grown exponentially since 2012 and now stands at more than 4.9 billion euros (4). If the 7-10y-o are more computer and tablet oriented, the 10-14y-o are resolutely smartphone oriented (5): each target has its support, and one must think about it from the design of the gameplay. In a fair measure, the involvement in digital environments improves the reflexes, stimulates the memory and reinforces the capacities of attention (6). Whether by VR (spaces and motor skills) or tactile (pleasure of touch), this virtuous circle allows learning, and brand learning!

Children and phygital: the experiential at the service of the youngest

Interest and attracting young audiences with an innovative digital experience does not prevent the practice of sport and sharing! Once well designed, an experience combining physical and digital can bring the whole family together, and bring generations together. For the child, a quality experience will be likely to lead to strong emotions … It is, among others, what allows brands to become love brand from a very young age. The animation designed by the agency for Ceetrus (formerly Immochan) mixes virtual reality, manual activities and a physical path. Success is at the rendezvous!


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