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15 December 2018
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If the “Generation Y” has always been immersed in the digital world, parents and grandparents are also increasingly present on it. Having become -for the economic actors of the child / family sector- the “communication channel affecting all generations”, the Web is now at the core of brand strategies. Yet, designing a website that involves the target is not easy.

Families, children or teenagers: at each age, differentiated expectations.

Showcase site, commercial site, interactive or events, the objectives are not the same.
But the activity is not the only thing to consider. On the Internet and elsewhere, each generation researches different applications and content:

  • Children want to play through activities adapted to their age they can enjoy easily with their parents: games, coloring, interactive contents…
  • Teenagers, more independent digitally speaking, spend most of their browsing time to communicate, to watch videos and to listen to music. They expect a stronger socialization and innovative entertainment.
  • Parents are more eager for practical and targeted information. For them, credibility of the content and navigation comfort prevail.

Everything must be designed so that each user – according to its profile – gets the information he’s searching for, in visual and graphical universes that correspond to him.
In light of this, Com’ des Enfants, for example, has designed for Sodexo (school meals sector leader) a website for families: To meet parents’s needs (information and convenience), the website offers general news or related to each school restaurant, as well as online payment via a dedicated parent account. Kids, have a dedicated playing area and adapted to them with short texts, colorful illustrations and educational games.

A study & a strategic bias before each recommendation

Com’ des Enfants defines the strategic issues of websites for users from 0 to 100 years. The specifications recommended to always take into account an important market research upstream. Also, as part of a project targeting “silver surfers”, our prior marketing analysis revealed that few websites meet the requirements of seniors in terms of navigation and ergonomics. That’s why we imagined the design of this senior-friendly website from A to Z: matrix, tree structure, ergonomics, navigation

For such a sensitive target as family, digital communication has to reinvent itself to be closer to users, involving them to retain them, transforming their Web browsing in a real innovative and original experience.

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